Salsa, 2019,Oil on Panel, 24"x36", $300.00

Little Blue Spot, 2019, 36"x36"
Oil on Canvas with handmade paper striping. This painting is a multitude of different colors of white. The only color is the little blue spot and the handmade paper stripe on the left side.  $400.00

Listening for the Aliens, 2019, 24"x24" $200.00

L ast Call for the Poverty Train, 2019, 15"x30" Title inspired by Laura Nyro. $250.00
My Miro, 2019, 36"x36"
Sorry, this one is sold.

1950's HooChiKoo, 2019, 24"x24" $325.00

The Red Nude, 2019, 12"x36" $250.00

1950's Sentiment, 2019, 30"x30" $300.00